Italian cuisine

Strega - a mystical liquor from Italy
Liquor Strega is the leader in many categories among Italian drinks of its class. Firstly, this is the most multicomponent digestif. Secondly, it boasts the longest history in comparison with…

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About Italian Cuisine
It is a well-known fact that Italian cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world. Italians themselves help this concept to take root: they sacredly observe the…

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Italian cuisine, food preferences of Italians, the rules that Italians observe during cooking, and what they never do - neither in cooking nor in food. As you probably know, cuisine…

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Nutella – Italian Chocolate Paste

One of the sweetest memories of most middle-aged people is, without a doubt, Nutella. Chocolate-nut paste in the simplest packaging with a picture of hazelnuts made an incredible splash in the post-Soviet space. Those who could not buy it, prepared pasta in their kitchen, while dreaming of a treasured jar. Although no one even thought that this delicacy was born in Italy. “What would a world be like without Nutella?” Reads the slogan of the famous brand. We don’t know what the world would be like without an Italian yummy, but we certainly know what it is like with her and what her secret is.
History Nutella’s history is closely linked to gianduia chocolate, which was almost 30% filled with hazelnuts. He was born in Piemonte, when after the war, prohibitive taxes on the import of cocoa beans were introduced, and the distribution of regular chocolate declined sharply. Pietro Ferrero owned a pastry shop in Alba in the Langhe region, a territory famous for the production of hazelnuts. Continue reading

Affogato – Italian coffee-based dessert

Ice cream is a dessert that is gaining more and more popularity. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a hot summer to enjoy a cold treat. The Italians went the farthest and came up with a dessert, perfect for a Christmas table with your family. Affogato (Affogato) – a mixture of the most delicious inventions in culinary history: gelato and coffee. This union of aromas and the fantastic contrast of coolness and warmth will make you forget about the burden of accumulated problems.
What is this Affogato is not a kind of ice cream coffee, as many people outside Italy believe – it is a separate, independent dessert. The classic version is a ball of usually vanilla ice cream that floats in hot espresso. Continue reading

Italian salami

This time we will again talk about the Italian product, which is firmly rooted in domestic tables. Salami (Salame) – a kind of hard sausage with bacon, appreciated throughout the world. Once in Italy, only privileged classes of the population enjoyed it. Today, almost everyone can afford salami at least for a holiday. “Two pieces of sausage on your table!” – sung in a popular song of the 90s. But we will not tell you fairy tales as the hero of the hit, but present the most true story about salami.
Varieties of the IGP and DOP Salami categories are loved by many, and therefore produce it in most civilized countries of the world. But, as you know, sausage sausage is different, and in order to appreciate the original taste, you definitely need to go to its homeland – to Italy. The republic also has a huge number of manufacturers. Continue reading

Strega – a mystical liquor from Italy

Liquor Strega is the leader in many categories among Italian drinks of its class. Firstly, this is the most multicomponent digestif. Secondly, it boasts the longest history in comparison with other liquors. And finally, it has the most unusual name. Strega literally means “witch”. At all times, mysticism and magic attracted people, “witching alcohol” was no exception to the rule. It occupies a strong place in the ranks of popular spirits.
The origin of the birth of Stregov dates back to 1860. Giuseppe Alberti moved to Benevento this year for family reasons. He opened his bar in the city center and was not mistaken in the choice, because after the unification of Italy the flowering of the alcohol trade began. The name of the digestif refers to the legends of witchcraft in Benevento, which are rooted in a distant history. Continue reading

Italian pancetta

Never before in history has mankind eaten as much meat as it consumes now. The number of livestock is growing every year. But the amount of food eaten is not an indicator of living standards. The quality of meat products is the main goal of bona fide producers. The Italian pancetta (Pancetta) – a true example of an ideal product – is the Italian version of bacon, that is, it is prepared from pork belly. There are different types of pancettas, two of which are categorized as DOP. But not all of its varieties are similar in appearance to their American cousin. We will tell you what pancetta is now.
Origin and variety Preservation of meat products using the methods of salting and curing in Italy dates back to 900 BC Therefore, presumably, the first versions of the pancetta appeared precisely in those years. Continue reading

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