Florence is a paradise for meat eaters. In addition to the “star” of the local cuisine of the Florentine steak (la bistecca fiorentina), you must definitely try some more popular…

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Parmesan - the king of the cheese world
Close your eyes and say in a whisper: “Parmesan!” And now you are already sitting in the shade of the vine, drinking your favorite wine and enjoying the taste of…

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Top italian chefs
Since 2007, Carlo Cracco has been the lead chef at Ristorante Cracco, located at Via Victor Hugo, 4, Milan. This is a fairly spacious establishment, which can accommodate about 60…

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further forming a crust

Italian dishes

Italian dishes, the recipes of which we want to consider in the article, have gained worldwide recognition due to their taste. One of the most famous is climbing.

To prepare it, you will need the following products:

Minced meat – 0.6 kg.
Butter – 70 g.
Bolognese (sauce) – 650 g.
Two tablespoons of olive oil.
Flour – 3 tbsp. l
Milk – 760 ml.
Hard cheese – 0.7 kg.
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Italian cuisine – traditional simple recipes of national dishes

Italian cuisine or the national cuisine of Italy is one of those cuisines that make up the culinary European family or, as it is otherwise called, Mediterranean cuisine. It is special in the variety of its dishes, which have a regional division (this means that the recipes of different regions of this country are somewhat different, although, of course, there are common features).

Pugacheva: “Galkin left me as soon as they removed the papillomas and removed the 17-meter …”
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Italian Restaurant Design

The Italian style of the restaurant is determined by its unique cuisine, enthralling gourmets of the whole world for centuries, as well as the color of the southern way of life and the atmosphere of the interiors. In cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, the number of restaurants with Italian cuisine is increasing annually. If all this is decorated in a corporate style, as is done in real institutions in Italy, then a stay in such a place acquires new colors of impressions and helps to make regular customers. In the photo you can see examples of interesting design solutions from highly qualified specialists.

The Italian style in the interior of the restaurant is not only a touch of Italian cuisine, but also a way to know the essence, soul of this country. Guests are attracted not only by delicious gourmet dishes, but also by a special feeling of warmth and goodwill, southern charm. Lunch or dinner in a bright and sunny room fills visitors with a good mood and carefree. Venetian stucco, carving, simple geometry and seemingly sloppy finishes – this is it, the Italian spirit. Continue reading

Italian dishes are incredibly delicious
Dishes of Italian cuisine (recipes are given in the article) are real works of art prepared by the hands of masters of their craft. All Italians cook excellently, and men…


Italian focaccia - wheat tortilla
Italian Focaccia (Focaccia) - one of the most popular ancient types of bread that have survived to this day. This crispy bread was born thanks to the ingenuity of the…


Arrosticini - Italian lamb skewers
What food do you associate with summer vacations? Surely, many, without hesitation, answered: "Kebab!" But did you know that Italy can also boast of its performance of barbecue? Arrosticini (Arrosticini)…


Italian pasta - pasta types, recipes, photos, appearance
More often than not, the first thing that comes to mind when referring to Italian cuisine is, of course, pizza. After it, almost without a break in popularity, pasta follows.…