Best Italian Restaurants
In this article we will list the best restaurants of Italian cuisine in Prague, but this does not mean that they are all incredibly expensive. One thing you need to…

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Florence is a paradise for meat eaters. In addition to the “star” of the local cuisine of the Florentine steak (la bistecca fiorentina), you must definitely try some more popular…

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Pecorino - Italian sheep milk cheese
Pecorino! Even the name seems to contain a piece of Italy! This time it’s not about cheese, but about a whole family of Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. The…

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impressive portions

Sicilian Cassata

The Sicilian Cassata (Cassata Siciliana), perhaps the most famous sweet islander, is a layered cake made of sponge cake soaked in liquor, combined with ricotta, fruit and marzipan.
Born in Sicily (Sicilia), cassata has become a traditional Easter dish in all of Italy. Despite the apparent simplicity, a recipe for a unique dessert is in almost every city on the island. But traditional, nevertheless, is considered a cassata from Palermo (Palermo).

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Italian pasta dishes are everyday food

Spaghetti amatricana
Italian pasta dishes are everyday food, but they are not simple pasta. During cooking, spices and grated cheese are used, making the spaghetti turn into stunningly delicious food.


Spaghetti – 370 g.
Bacon – 125 g.
A few tablespoons of oil (olive).
One onion.
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How to choose a restaurant with national cuisine? Tale of Italy

The charm of a fairy tale is not born immediately. It is not enough to compose it, it is also necessary to tell it properly. Take the same Kolobok. Children are well aware of what happened to those who thought of themselves as a bakery product. Following the storyline is desirable, but not necessary, if only it would be interesting. luckyraccoon, Let Kolobok meet anyone in the forest, even the Knights of the Round Table riding on brontosaurs. May he save not only himself, but also the princess with golden hair and increased amorousness from the machinations of starving representatives of the middle fauna. Continue reading

National cuisine of Italy
Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treasure, and each meal is a kind of ritual and a sacred time for communication with friends and relatives. National dishes of Italy are…


Gnocchi - Italian Potato Dumplings
Some Italian dishes quite firmly woven into the outline of the cuisines of many countries. Which, unfortunately, cannot be said about Gnocchi. Despite a long history, they are only beginning…


Italian lunch
Italian food is very popular all over the world. Great Britain is no exception, including thanks to the prosperous community of Italian immigrants formed in the XVIII century. The first…


Italian noodles
Italian dishes are not only tasty, but also hearty. But stuffed balls also have an unusual appearance. To prepare them, cut half a bunch of parsley and onions. Celery and…