Classic Italian

Italian Restaurant Design
The Italian style of the restaurant is determined by its unique cuisine, enthralling gourmets of the whole world for centuries, as well as the color of the southern way of…

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Italian cuisine has many advantages
Oven-baked pizza is a thin round bread coated with tomato sauce, cheese, with olive oil and other ingredients. In fact, there are two types of pizza: Neapolitan - more dense,…

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Real Italian restaurant: what is it?
Products in Italian cuisine occupy a central place. “I suggest that all restaurateurs prepare, first of all, healthy and healthy food for people to be at their best,” says Nicola…

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Special equipment for the kitchen of an Italian restaurant

The gastronomic culture of the country is a reflection of its character. And if the inhabitants of one country fell in love and embraced the culinary traditions of another, then the temperament coincided, so they found something united, uniting the peoples. It so happened with Italian cuisine in Russia. We can no longer imagine how we used to live without pizza and pasta, tiramisu and Caprese salad. The Russian consumer is so fond of these dishes that nobody is surprised at the opening of endless pizzerias and national restaurants. The problem, however, is that quantity does not go into quality in any way, and the main thing in this matter is absolute authenticity. You must admit that almost anyone can cook pasta in a navy manner or make a vegetable pie. But to make Carbonara or Bolognese pasta and bake Margarita pizza, yes, by all rules – the favorites. And it’s good if most of them work in the kitchen of your establishment. Continue reading

Italian style restaurant design

An Italian-style meal on the sunny Apennine Peninsula is a real theatrical action in which everything from start to finish, from the main dish to the smallest napkin, should be beautiful.

Italians are born gourmets and aesthetes, and they will never sit down to eat food in a room that makes them uncomfortable with their interior, or, on the contrary, will distract designer delights from a leisurely and tasty meal.

If you are thinking about opening an institution with Italian, Mediterranean or Tuscan cuisine, then the InspireGroup designers advise you not to invent a stylish bike, but to turn to the traditions of a unique and concise Italian style. Continue reading

National cuisine of Italy

Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treasure, and each meal is a kind of ritual and a sacred time for communication with friends and relatives.

National dishes of Italy are considered one of the healthiest and easiest, so do not worry about your figure on the trip. Italian dishes are always fresh at any restaurant in the country; in this country it is considered bad form to cook, for example, frozen fish or serve stale bread.

One of the gastronomic symbols of Italy is Gelato ice cream. It is made by special craftsmen from fresh cow’s milk and does not contain artificial additives. Real Gelato is sold in special establishments – gelatories, which, however, are very numerous throughout the country. Such ice cream costs from 1.50 EUR to 5 EUR. Continue reading

Restaurants in Italy: Italian Menu Guide

Italian restaurants deserve special attention because they are justly considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. Italian cuisine is quite straightforward and its basis is made up of such simple ingredients as dough, cheese and vegetables. Meanwhile, opening the menu of an Italian restaurant, it is easy to get lost in a variety of unfamiliar names and dishes.

Therefore, Blogoitaliano decided to create a small guide to the menu of Italian restaurants, which will help you navigate your preferences and plan your gastronomic budget. Continue reading

Real Italian restaurants

It is perhaps hard to imagine more inexorable food snobs than Italians. Starting from the fact that, in their opinion, there can be only one time for breakfast and lunch, ending with the fact that some combinations quite familiar to us can cause them to have a fountain of indignant expression. Pizza with chicken? “How the hell is that possible!” Cappuccino or orange juice with pasta during lunch? – Oh my god, eto Rassiya!

So, in order to find out where “our” Italians do not hurt their mentality by Russian treatment of their culture, we decided to interview five expats. Continue reading

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Caprese salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
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National cuisine of Italy
Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treasure, and each meal is a kind of ritual and a sacred time for communication with friends and relatives. National dishes of Italy are…


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