Classic Italian

Caprese salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
As there is no smoke without fire, it is impossible to imagine a festive table without a salad. Just a couple of decades ago, most domestic banquets were decorated only…

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Florentine steak
When you think of a steak, what comes to mind? It is unlikely that one of the first in my head comes up with the thought of Italy. Although we…

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Restaurants in Italy: Italian Menu Guide
Italian restaurants deserve special attention because they are justly considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. Italian cuisine is quite straightforward and its basis is made up of such…

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Risotto – the culinary symbol of northern Italy

Rice is one of the few cereals, the national food on the basis of which is found in most countries of the world. So Italian cuisine did not disregard this wonderful product. Risotto (Risotto) – a rice dish cooked on a broth. It is common in all regions of the republic, but it is still more preferred in the north of the country. At home, it is usually served first before the main dish. The huge variety of risotto makes it an attractive target for both restaurant and home cooks.
Our article is a laid-back guide to the world where rice rules.
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If you ask people from different countries: “What Italian dessert do you know?”, Most of them will probably answer: “Tiramisu!” Thanks to the simplicity of the recipe and the unusual taste, it became a bestseller among sweet dishes. There are so many options for it that a few years ago a hobby arose: it was imperative to order tiramisu at various restaurants in order to replenish the taste piggy bank with new sensations. In Italy they say that all families of the republic have their own kind of dessert. Moreover, everyone believes that his mother’s recipe is the best.
The history of tiramisu is relatively short. He is so good that several regions of Italy fought for the right to bear the proud title of “Homeland of Tiramisu”: Toscana, Piemonte and Veneto. Continue reading

Top italian chefs

Since 2007, Carlo Cracco has been the lead chef at Ristorante Cracco, located at Via Victor Hugo, 4, Milan. This is a fairly spacious establishment, which can accommodate about 60 visitors at the same time, and where the owner of three Michelin stars creates.
Kracko was born in Vincenza in 1965, and 30 years ago he got into the kitchen with Gualtiero Marchesi, the first Italian cook to receive three prestigious award stars. Like all novice chefs, Krakko constantly changed jobs, absorbing, like a sponge, new knowledge and invaluable experience. He later moved to Garlenda, where he began work at Relais & Chateaux. After three years in France, Carlo returned to Italy and became the chef of the Enoteca Pinchiori restaurant in Florence, where he received two Michelin stars. Continue reading


Prosciutto is the favorite Italian ham in many countries. However, it has nothing to do with the ham that we are traditionally used to seeing on the shelves of domestic stores.
Prosciutto is a dried pork ham – it is sold as a whole piece of meat or cut into thin slices.
Loyalty to manufacturers of manufacturing traditions and centuries-old history allowed the Italian ham to easily join the ranks of DOP products.
Varieties of DOP In Italy, as many as 7 varieties of prosciutto are made, which are classified as protected by origin. To understand how all these options differ, we will introduce you to each of them. Continue reading

Gnocchi – Italian Potato Dumplings

Some Italian dishes quite firmly woven into the outline of the cuisines of many countries. Which, unfortunately, cannot be said about Gnocchi. Despite a long history, they are only beginning to gain popularity outside their homeland. This is a kind of dumpling from Italy. As with many dishes of the republic, gnocchi recipes differ significantly from region to region. The culinary traditions of different countries of the world also have their analogues.
Our article will help you understand the difficult world of such simple flour products.
Gnocchi has rather deep roots that date back to the 16th century, the period in which the import of potatoes from America began. However, the potato version of the dish is just an evolution of a much older Italian recipe dating back to 1300. In fact, the very first gnocchi were called zanzarelli. Continue reading

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