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Italian style restaurant design

An Italian-style meal on the sunny Apennine Peninsula is a real theatrical action in which everything from start to finish, from the main dish to the smallest napkin, should be beautiful.

Italians are born gourmets and aesthetes, and they will never sit down to eat food in a room that makes them uncomfortable with their interior, or, on the contrary, will distract designer delights from a leisurely and tasty meal.

If you are thinking about opening an institution with Italian, Mediterranean or Tuscan cuisine, then the InspireGroup designers advise you not to invent a stylish bike, but to turn to the traditions of a unique and concise Italian style.

If you want to transfer your clients to the atmosphere of the sultry sunny Italian south, when arranging your “restaurant”, pizzeria or trattoria, it is worth observing a number of traditional design techniques, diluting them with your ideas about the ideal Tuscan interior. We can say that the design of the Italian restaurant rests on three pillars, whose name is cosiness, refined simplicity and the use of natural components in decoration.

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Advice from InspireGroup designers: Italian design is characterized by a reverent attitude towards traditions, so every detail of the interior in Italian establishments has its own history. Especially appreciated on the Apennines are handmade furniture and decor.

As mentioned earlier, it is worth giving preference to natural materials: stone and wood. In the traditional Tuscan interior, the stone is most often stylized as raw brickwork, which can be seen on old houses by the sea. And wood is used not only for the manufacture of solid and solid furniture, but also for the decoration of walls and ceilings. It will not be superfluous to use for decoration of the interior and iron, manually forged elements of decor, including candlesticks. Do not forget about textiles – tables in Mediterranean restaurants are often covered with tablecloths.

We associate the Italian style primarily with the gentle southern sun. If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a Mediterranean house in your restaurant, then you should give preference to warm and natural shades: brown, olive, terracotta, yellow, ocher, cream, etc. Bright spots of green vegetation and such design elements as various paintings will complement the general color scheme and panels. You can choose enchanting Mediterranean landscapes as the main theme for your paintings, or romantic streets of old Italian cities, or think about traditional “Mediterranean motifs” – grapes, olive branches, wine, etc.

Tip from the InspireGroup designers: wine is considered one of the traditional Italian symbols. Do not neglect it, either: a wine cellar or a bottle of Italian wine as elements of interior design will look very profitable.

If your cafe has a summer playground – then it is simply created in order to be decorated in the Italian style! Wicker chairs and tables covered with tablecloths, a large number of greens and flowers in massive vases, lanterns and small fountains will create an ideal romantic atmosphere and will serve as an excellent addition to your Mediterranean menu.

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