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Best Italian Restaurants

In this article we will list the best restaurants of Italian cuisine in Prague, but this does not mean that they are all incredibly expensive. One thing you need to know for sure – if you want pasta, fresh seafood or real Italian wine – feel free to choose any place from the list below.


Aromi Restaurant is one of the best luxury Italian restaurants in Prague. From 2006 to 2014, the restaurant received the prestigious BIB Gourmand Michelin Award every year, and in 2005 Aromi won the Condé Nast Traveler in the category Best New Restaurant in the Czech Republic and entered the Top 10 Best New Restaurants in the World.

Despite the popularity and prestige, the prices in the restaurant do not reach sky-high heights, although they rise above average. As befits a restaurant of this level, the menu has a large number of wines and various tastings.

In March, Michelin-starred Riccardo Agostini came to Prague. He made a special menu in the Aromi restaurant, which could be tasted on March 24th. The fact of such an event speaks about the level of the institution.

Bisos tapas bar

The landlord describes his establishment as “a bar with Mediterranean snacks, a small kitchen, wines, cheeses and other delicacies from Sardinia.”

The interior of the Bisos bar is done in a light and modern style with the use of ash wood and metal details in furniture.

The bar serves fresh and delicious seafood dishes. Breakfast and lunch consists mainly of cold dishes, and in the evening they also serve hot. Prices are pleasing for their democratic nature, which does not negatively affect the high quality of food.

La finestra in cucina

The best Italian restaurant in Prague. Its owner Riccardo Lucque, who is also the owner of the Aromi restaurant, has devoted his whole life to gastronomy. For a long time he worked as a chef in the best Italian restaurant in London. In 2002, Riccardo moved to the Czech Republic, and, several years later, opened its first restaurant.

La Finestra has a beautiful and simple interior: its walls are covered with brickwork, a lot of wood, and the furniture is made in a classic style. In the back of the restaurant there is a special VIP room in a simple style with a long table. In this salon, a rack with wines of different years of aging is inscribed in the entire wall.

Restaurant chain Ambiente

If this is your first time hearing about the Ambiento network, then without any hesitation we advise you to make the next sortie to one of these restaurants. As for Italian cuisine, the chain owns three restaurants offering it: Pizza Nouva, Pastacafe and Pasta Fresca.
Pasta Fresca focuses on fresh seasonal seafood and wine. The restaurant has a separate wine cellar. Inside, the hawedi looks very nice, the interior details are made of light wood.

Prices are average, which cannot but rejoice.

Pastacafe is a modern breakfast-oriented restaurant. The morning menu offers many dishes and the opportunity to order breakfast with you, as well as the classic Italian coffee Tonino Lamborghini. Pastacafe is located on Vodičkova and Vězenska streets.

Pizza Nouva is more oriented to pizza, (by the way, it is considered the best pizzeria in the city, but more on that another time) however Italian dishes are also on top here. The highlight of the restaurant is tastings, when for a certain amount they offer you a variety of pasta and pizza. You should come here very hungry – you can eat in a restaurant beyond measure.


The luxurious and elegant Sapori Restaurant is an ideal place for business meetings and romantic dinners. The menu is relatively small and with a clear emphasis on Italian classics: seafood, pasta, fish and various snacks. Excellent quality food and always fresh products. A large selection of wine menu, where without it.

In the evenings, the owner himself is present in the restaurant, a very polite and helpful middle-aged man. As befits an institution of this level, the staff is extremely attentive and responsive.

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