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Everything about Italian cuisine in Rimini

It is strange to visit the country and not try traditional dishes of local cuisine. Therefore, every tourist traveling in Italy, is interested in the question: What is definitely worth trying out from the whole variety of dishes in restaurants, and what do Italians themselves eat? This article will talk about the structure of a typical Italian dinner and about the dishes most often served at the table in Italian families, as well as about places where you can eat tasty and inexpensively.

Italian cuisine: main dishes
So, a typical Italian lunch or dinner is traditionally divided into 4 parts: antipasto (appetizer), primo (first course), secondo (second course), and dolce (dessert). The portions in Italian restaurants are quite large, so if you do not plan to spend several hours eating, it is better to order one portion of the snack for two, and then choose one thing – the first or second dish and finally enjoy a dessert.

• Appetizer
Any gourmet will enjoy Italian meat cuts (speck, salami, coulatello, prosciutto, pancetta), and you should also try a salad or assorted seafood. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to order one serving for two. Prices for snacks vary between 6-12 euros.
The traditional drink for dinner in Italy, of course, is wine. In Italian restaurants there are a huge variety of its varieties, from simple to the most sophisticated. If you want to save money without sacrificing taste, feel free to order home-made wine (vino di casa), which will be served in a decanter of 0.5 or 1 liter. Its cost will be very affordable – about 8 euros per 1 liter, and the taste will certainly delight you.

Cold cuts, cuisine in Italy
Cold cuts: prosciutto, pancetta, speck, salami

Seafood Salad, Italian Cuisine
Seafood salad

Homemade wine in a decanter, cuisine in Italy
Homemade wine in a decanter

• First meal
The usual first dish in Italy is world-famous pasta – pasta and pizza, which have already become symbols of the country. You should definitely try carbonara with bacon, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti with mussels and other clams or with fish. As well as risotto, gnocchi, chapellet and, of course, pizza. The cost of dishes can be different, from 6 to 15 euros in most restaurants.

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, cuisine in Italy
Tagliatelle with mushrooms (spoilage)

Pasta with mussels, cuisine in Italy
Pasta with mussels

Carbonara, cuisine in Italy

Risotto, cuisine in Italy

• Second courses
If after the first dish, you still have the strength for the second – feel free to order meat or fish. Part of the “compulsory program” should be zuppa di pesce (fish soup) and grilled fish (grigliata mista di pesce). Second courses can also be shared with a friend, so it’s convenient to order one for two.

Roast beef, cuisine in Italy
Roast beef

Grilled fish, cuisine in Italy
Fish grill

• Dessert
Italian cuisine has something to please the sweet tooth. Cream caramel, mascarpone, tiramisu, panna cat – these are all traditional Italian delicacies. It will be interesting for every connoisseur to taste them in an Italian coffee house and compare with those served in his homeland.

Tiramisu cuisine in Italy

Mascarpone, cuisine in Italy

Panna Cotta, cuisine in Italy
Panna cotta

Quick Italian snack
If you don’t have time for a full dinner, but still want to have a bite, do not run after a hamburger or shawarma. In any Italian city you can find a lot of different pizzerias, snack bars and bars where you can quickly have a bite to eat. For example, order a piadina – pita bread with a filling. Ham and arugula, cheese, prosciutto and other products can serve as a filler. You can also have a quick pizza snack or hot sandwich. The price of such a “quick” dish is quite low: about 4-5 euros. A slice of pizza will cost even less – only 2 euros.

Piadina, cuisine in Italy

Slice of pizza, cuisine in Italy
Slice of pizza

Kebab, cuisine in Italy

Panino (sandwich), cuisine in Italy
Panino (sandwich)

Italian breakfast
Many skip breakfast in the morning rush, in Italy it is different. Breakfast for an Italian is almost a ritual: a cup of coffee, a bun and studying the latest issue of a newspaper – this is how Italians spend their morning. Follow their example! The price of such a breakfast will be only 2 euros if you drink coffee right at the bar. If you take a table, some bars may charge you more.

Trattoria, bars and restaurants: what is the difference and what to choose
Restaurants in Italy can differ from each other, there are both very sophisticated and expensive, as well as simpler and cheaper. As a rule, before entering the institution, a menu with prices is set, focusing on it, you can determine the level of the restaurant. There are still trattorias – these are institutions that are more democratic than restaurants, they have simplified service, a homely relaxed atmosphere and low prices. It is the trattoria that locals prefer to visit, and most tourists eagerly follow their example.

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