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Italian food is like a drug. Having tried it once, it is already difficult to refuse. Italians themselves and the inhabitants of many other countries know this. Italian cuisine marches triumphantly around the world, leaving behind millions of well-fed stomachs and hearts in love. Today in the civilized world, perhaps, there are not a single people who would not survive the boom of pasta and pizza, ravioli and tiramisu.

In Russia, Italian cuisine is more than they like. In her honor, open restaurants and cafes, pizzerias and food courts. But is this not a proof of fidelity to a gastronomic culture that is close to us in spirit and taste?

Today it’s even hard to imagine that spaghetti bolognese was invented somewhere on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and not here, so firmly together with the rest of the dishes they entered the diet. Yes, and a visit to an Italian restaurant has ceased to be something exotic or even festive. It is all the more difficult for new players who decide to try their hand at this segment to win the attention of the audience. But we hasten to remind you that a person goes to a restaurant or cafe not only to eat delicious food, but also to change the situation, spend time with benefit for mood. And if he gets all this from you, no competitors are scary. Think over the details of the design of the future institution, and we will help you with this.

Miscellaneous concepts

In Italy, thousands, tens of thousands of various restaurants, bars, cafes, pizzerias work. On one main street, even a small provincial city, one after one can accommodate more than fifty different institutions. These are osteria, trattorias, taverns, gelateria, pastoris, the already mentioned classic restaurants and pizzerias. And how many cafes that offer only coffee, simple snacks and desserts. To realize the idea of ​​opening something Italian, choose any name you like, the formats differ from each other minimally. You can combine them into several groups.

Home Cafe

One of the oldest Italian traditions is to open family establishments. When she appeared for sure, it’s hard to say. It is only known that the role of the large dining room was played by the master’s living room. In the kitchen, open to the visitor’s eyes, the hosts themselves also prepared, and it was clear how delicious products were made of simple products.

Today in Italy there are several family restaurants and cafes, which are more than two decades old. Entire dynasties grew up in the restaurant industry and are treated with great respect. New home-style establishments are also opening, where the emphasis is on the quality and taste of dishes, and the design is given a secondary place. True, this has its own advantage – unpretentious interiors, executed, it would seem, without any idea, copy, imitate them.

In such cafes, it is important to create a “at home” atmosphere, cozy, slightly careless. The format is suitable for inexpensive upholstered furniture for catering, wooden tables and chairs covered with cotton tablecloths, light textile in rustic colors and antique decoration with deliberate cracks and scuffs.

Since the design is inseparable from the kitchen, then, we repeat, the emphasis will have to be made on dishes – handmade, cooked with soul and preferably in front of guests. If there is such an opportunity, then a family-friendly home cafe as a format suits you.

Street cafe

Another traditional Italian format. Cafe is located right in the squares and streets. They work from stationary establishments and almost all year round. The influx of visitors is observed in the morning and in the evening, as well as during the siesta, when all offices and shops are closed and people go to dinner and drink coffee.

To open a real Italian cafe in Russian conditions is difficult – the weather conditions are not the same. But then you can approach the issue with imagination and move the “street” under the roof. In spacious halls, arrange flower beds and lawns, install wrought iron lamps and hang lamps, order wholesale rattan furniture, and paint the walls with street landscapes, coupled with Venetian plaster. On the floor let there be a tile imitating asphalt or paving, and the ceiling is covered with azure paint.

In the summer, it’s much easier to realize the idea of ​​a street cafe, so when choosing a room, pay attention to the surrounding area. The place should be enough to make extra tables and chairs, open a seasonal cafe when the weather allows. Together with the MebelCafe online store, this is easy to do – we have inexpensive sets of folding furniture just for summer establishments. You can also assemble the furniture yourself – to install tavola worktops on the underframes of the metal frame, it will turn out original and exactly as you want.

Classic Italian Restaurant

There are also status establishments on the Italian restaurant market where people go to celebrate a festive event, conduct business negotiations or a romantic dinner. The design of these establishments already has more stringent requirements: wide halls, massive tables and armchairs, a stage for musicians, the presence of separate rooms, a billiard room, and a smoking room.

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