Italian cuisine has many advantages
Oven-baked pizza is a thin round bread coated with tomato sauce, cheese, with olive oil and other ingredients. In fact, there are two types of pizza: Neapolitan - more dense,…

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Italian dishes are incredibly delicious
Dishes of Italian cuisine (recipes are given in the article) are real works of art prepared by the hands of masters of their craft. All Italians cook excellently, and men…

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Italian eateries
It is impossible to imagine traditional Italian dishes without pizza. This food is simply adored here, and therefore literally at every step you can see a sign of a particular…

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Real Italian restaurants

It is perhaps hard to imagine more inexorable food snobs than Italians. Starting from the fact that, in their opinion, there can be only one time for breakfast and lunch, ending with the fact that some combinations quite familiar to us can cause them to have a fountain of indignant expression. Pizza with chicken? “How the hell is that possible!” Cappuccino or orange juice with pasta during lunch? – Oh my god, eto Rassiya!

So, in order to find out where “our” Italians do not hurt their mentality by Russian treatment of their culture, we decided to interview five expats. Each of them named ten of their favorite restaurants, of which we made the top most recognized. It is curious that only one of the respondents admitted to his addiction to experiment and try the cuisines of other countries (including Russian), for others their own gastronomic traditions are indispensable.

Among those institutions that were named among the worthy and beloved, but gathered only one or two votes in their favor, were: Barberini, Gusto, The Square, Francesco, Il Lago dei Cigni, Probka, Mama Roma, Little Italy, Park Guiseppe , restaurants of Italy Group, Chipollino, Paninaro and Mozzarella Bar. Obviously, the first six are simply a little expensive in order to be included in the list of the most popular, but they enjoy exceptional trust and respect for their reverent attitude to products and the high quality of dishes. “Mama Roma” slipped into the list mainly due to the bright tradition and the “right” democratic concept, in “Giuseppe Park” everyone praises pizza, in “Cipollino” – comfort (although they laugh at the name that reads in Italian as “Kipollino” ) Read more about the ten most beloved Italians institutions in the presented selection.

Recommendations: typical Italian atmosphere, friendly staff, large selection of dishes, impressive portions, inexpensive, excellent pizza and gelato

Everyone voted for this place. And not surprisingly – for more than seven years there has been such a flood of people that it is better to book tables even on Monday morning. The owner of Franco Casadei did a simple and obvious thing – he hired a bunch of Italians in half the positions, made affordable prices and large portions. Therefore, at the entrance, peppy Italian speech is heard here, a charging atmosphere is felt, the waiters work in their usual temperamental rhythm, and if you ordered pasta al dente, be sure that it will turn out as it should. In addition, this is the first place in the city where they started making real Italian ice cream – a must have for everyone.

Claudio Massari, Development Manager, Bawer S.p.A .:
“Here, for the first time in Russia, I tried a real gelato. In addition, everything from the variety of the right Italian food to the typical Italian atmosphere makes me feel like I’m at home. I would recommend this place as one of the most revealing and authentic in St. Petersburg. ”

Recommendations: 100% Italian atmosphere, “correct” pasta, excellent desserts, friendly staff

Until recently, this small institution existed “quietly”, without a sign, mainly for friends and friends of friends. Everything is simple and at home, a close friendly atmosphere, almost all the staff are Italians, and the charismatic owner Manlio knows how to make friends with all the regular visitors (more often – visitors). The kitchen is simple, for every day – mainly pasta and pizza, snacks for wine. Often arranged football broadcasts.
Andrea Roberto, Italian teacher:
“When I want to feel at home and eat real pasta cooked in accordance with all traditions, I go here. In addition, there is everything you need: bruschettas, salads, delicious desserts, real espresso and a good selection of Italian wine. All for an honest price. The institution is small, but bright, pleasantly stylized, with good, kind service – everything breathes with some kind of warmth and youth. ”

Recommendations: warm, pleasant atmosphere, beautiful spacious interior, one of the best pizzas in the city, decent desserts, a great place for a romantic dinner

In such places, Italians usually like to admire the ability (and desire) of Russians to create a design that imitates ancient European interiors. In Italy, no one would specifically do this. In addition, a sure sign of Ginzov’s projects for them is the overwhelming number of smart girls, most of whom come to admire them. And in addition – to eat really good pizza and high-quality antipasti. A.
Claudio Massari, Development Manager, Bawer S.p.A .:
“This is one of those restaurants where I prefer to go with both friends and business partners. Weathered interior, the right atmosphere, soft Italian musical background. The choice of dishes is exhaustive – antipasti, pasta, pizza, main dishes, Italian desserts. It can be seen that the Italian set the kitchen. ”

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