Arrosticini - Italian lamb skewers
What food do you associate with summer vacations? Surely, many, without hesitation, answered: "Kebab!" But did you know that Italy can also boast of its performance of barbecue? Arrosticini (Arrosticini)…

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Real Italian restaurant: what is it?
Products in Italian cuisine occupy a central place. “I suggest that all restaurateurs prepare, first of all, healthy and healthy food for people to be at their best,” says Nicola…

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Italian cuisine - traditional simple recipes of national dishes
Italian cuisine or the national cuisine of Italy is one of those cuisines that make up the culinary European family or, as it is otherwise called, Mediterranean cuisine. It is…

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Perhaps the most famous Italian dish loved by the whole world

Caprese – a traditional Italian salad of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, seasoned with salt (sometimes pepper) and olive oil. The ingredients symbolize the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green. In Italy, as a rule, salad serves as antipasti (appetizers), unlike most other salads, which are served as separate dishes.

Tortellini (tortellini) – Italian dumplings, which are slightly smaller in size than our Russian. This dish is prepared with different fillings – meat, vegetables, cheese, seafood. Typically, tortellini is served in sauce or in broth. It is worth noting that the size of the dishes here is simply huge and this applies not only to tortellini. Having ordered one dish, you can safely divide it into two, and sometimes even three people.

Minestrone (minestrone) – the famous Italian soup, which is prepared from several vegetables. The composition varies depending on the season.

A feature of this soup is its density. Often the vegetables are ground in a blender to achieve the desired consistency. I would say that it looks more like porridge than soup. Often minestrone is prepared with the addition of beans or beans.

The national Italian dish gnocchi (gnocchi) in Russia has its own analogue – dumplings. In Italy, the main products in the preparation of gnocchi are potatoes, cornmeal, riccott. Italian dumplings are most often prepared in two ways – boil or bake. The first is more common.

Gnocchi is usually served with various sauces or with the addition of vegetables, cheese or seafood.

Lasagna (lasagna) – a traditional Italian dish, which is a layer of dough with filling. Lasagna in Italy is prepared in two types – vegetarian and meat. The most common is Lasagna Bolognese. In addition to filling and dough, Bechamel cream sauce is added to the dish.

Perhaps the most famous Italian dish loved by the whole world. It is believed that pizza in Italy was invented several centuries ago. And this national dish acquired its current look in 1800.

Today, there are a lot of varieties of pizza. But the real traditional pizza is of course Margarita. Its composition is simple: dough, tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato paste, basil. These ingredients give pizza its red-white-green color, symbolizing the flag of Italy.

Original pizza in Italy is made exclusively in wood-fired ovens.

Having been in Italy, I finally understood why the inhabitants of other countries call Italians “pasta.” Pasta (or pasta) is perhaps the second most famous dish after pizza. The Italians just love this dish and know how to cook it. There are a lot of types of pasta here – with vegetables, meat, seafood.

In Italy, several types of pasta are used, the main ones being fettuccine, long ribbons about 1-2 cm wide, lasagnette, thin ribbons, capellini, long thin pasta and farfalle, known to Russians as butterflies.

Italian tiramisu is the best I’ve tried in my life. Today, this famous dessert is popular all over the world. But no country in the world has learned how to cook it like in Italy. Here it is served exclusively in glass forms, unlike other countries where you can see tiramisu in the form of a cake or cake.

There is no such thing as a popular Italian dish, as Italian cuisine is generally accepted throughout the world. Italian cuisine is heavily dependent on local traditions and history, as well as local and seasonal products.

Some of the most famous and exquisite Italian delicacies, such as white truffles, can only be found in certain regions of Italy. This suggests that Italian food is generally structured. Across Italy, you can find snacks such as antipasto, primo, secondo, and various desserts, but they are prepared differently in every region of Italy.

However, in order to answer the most frequently asked question, which Italian dishes are the most popular, we want to present you this list.

Pasta can be divided by composition (only wheat flour and water, or only wheat flour, water and eggs), by shelf life (fresh or dry pasta) and by production method, form or section.

There are many forms of pasta, but Italians usually prefer to group pasta into short and long, plain or stuffed.

Perhaps the most famous Italian dish loved by the whole world
Caprese - a traditional Italian salad of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, seasoned with salt (sometimes pepper) and olive oil. The ingredients symbolize the colors of the Italian flag: red,…


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