Gnocchi - Italian Potato Dumplings
Some Italian dishes quite firmly woven into the outline of the cuisines of many countries. Which, unfortunately, cannot be said about Gnocchi. Despite a long history, they are only beginning…

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If you ask people from different countries: “What Italian dessert do you know?”, Most of them will probably answer: “Tiramisu!” Thanks to the simplicity of the recipe and the unusual…

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Real Italian restaurants
It is perhaps hard to imagine more inexorable food snobs than Italians. Starting from the fact that, in their opinion, there can be only one time for breakfast and lunch,…

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Italian cuisine has many advantages

Oven-baked pizza is a thin round bread coated with tomato sauce, cheese, with olive oil and other ingredients.

In fact, there are two types of pizza: Neapolitan – more dense, resembling flat bread, and Roman – this is a thinner pizza with a crust. Neapolitan pizza is similar to American pizza.

Italians also divide pizza into red (with tomato sauce) and white (usually called “focaccia” or tortilla made without tomato sauce, but with other ingredients).

In Italian cuisine you can’t find a wide variety of spices, but, to spice it up, they are almost always used together with herbs.

Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, parmesan (or cheese made from sheep’s milk), black olives, pine nuts – all these ingredients are usually used to give flavor as a seasoning (the latest ingredients are used in some regions of Italy). Olive oil is considered the main ingredient in cooking.


Risotto is a rice dish. Risotto is served as a main course, and can be seasoned with various ingredients. Rice is cooked in the broth until thickened. The broth can be meat or fish, depending on the ingredients with which the dish will be seasoned.

Almost all risotto recipes include ingredients such as parmesan (except fish risotto), butter (without cream!) And onions. Some of the most famous risottos are “alla romana” (risotto with chicken liver sauce) and “alla milanese” (bright yellow risotto with saffron and spices).

Other famous Risottos: Risotto with mushrooms, Risotto with white Piedmontese truffles or black truffles, Risotto with seafood, Milanese saffron risotto.

Minestrone (vegetable soup with beans)

A kind of thick soup with vegetables, beans, pasta, rice or tomatoes. Served as a main course. Minestrone is a good alternative to pasta or risotto.

Fish soup

Stewed fish seasoned with fresh ingredients.

Meat and fish dishes (and other dishes for the second)

The main Italian dishes (depending on the region) are: Florentine beef steak, beef stew, veal chops rolled in an egg or fried chops, schnitzel with saffron and spices, boiled meat, ossobuco, eggplant casserole with parmesan and Saltimboca allana.


Veal drumstick fried in olive oil. This dish has thousands of interpretations, for example with lemon, capers, marsala, etc. The most famous dish is “in Milanese” (alla Milanese).

Neapolitan Mussel Soup
Despite the name, this is not quite a soup, but rather a classic way of serving and cooking mussels with a delicious sauce and white wine, garlic and Italian parsley. Similarly, bean and wongolo soup, mussels and sea cocks are cooked.

Depending on the type, Italian cheeses can be served as an appetizer to the first courses, or when serving the third, fourth courses and desserts. The most famous Italian cheeses: Parmesan, sheep’s cheese, and of course buffalo mozzarella.


In Italy (and the rest of Europe), the name “Parmesan” is a designation for hard, granular cheese from Parma. The generic name of this cheese in other parts of Europe is Garn.

Famous Italian desserts: Tiramisu, Sicilian festive cake and Neapolitan Easter cake.


Tiramisu is the most famous dessert. This is a sponge cake soaked in coffee with mascarpone cheese.

Other sweet dishes: Italian ice cream, pasteurella (Sfoliatelle, Maritozzi, Aragoste) and pasticini (cookies).

Italian cuisine has many advantages. Among them are bright, unusual combinations of products, and simplicity, and fidelity to traditions, but most importantly – Italian cuisine is not overloaded with meanings, which makes it accessible and understandable to everyone. Frankly, I can’t even imagine a person who might not like Italian cuisine, with its vibrant Mediterranean tastes and the ability to get the most out of seemingly simple products. Along with French, she made a huge contribution to the formation of world culinary heritage, and now you can find an Italian restaurant or a modest pizzeria anywhere in the world.

In this collection, I decided to collect 10 of my favorite recipes of Italian cuisine, and I had to rack my brains while thinking which ones to include on this list and which ones to cross out. As a result, the list turned out to be incomplete anyway, because it did not include a single risotto or pizza recipe, no desserts and fish dishes, but there are three classic pasta recipes and several vegetable hits. Nevertheless, I hope that you will appreciate this selection of recipes, despite its one-sidedness, because Italy is always delicious – in any form and in any performance!

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