Italian noodles
Italian dishes are not only tasty, but also hearty. But stuffed balls also have an unusual appearance. To prepare them, cut half a bunch of parsley and onions. Celery and…

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National cuisine of Italy
Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treasure, and each meal is a kind of ritual and a sacred time for communication with friends and relatives. National dishes of Italy are…

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Italian restaurant on the Russian market: the difficulties of doing business
Of course, during the opening and development of the restaurant, some plans had to be adjusted in accordance with Russian realities. How to open a real Italian restaurant in Moscow.…

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famous liqueurs limoncello

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Italian dishes

Italian dishes, the recipes of which we want to consider in the article, have gained worldwide recognition due to their taste. One of the most famous is climbing.

To prepare it, you will need the following products:

Minced meat – 0.6 kg.
Butter – 70 g.
Bolognese (sauce) – 650 g.
Two tablespoons of olive oil.
Flour – 3 tbsp. l
Milk – 760 ml.
Hard cheese – 0.7 kg.
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Italian cuisine – traditional simple recipes of national dishes

Italian cuisine or the national cuisine of Italy is one of those cuisines that make up the culinary European family or, as it is otherwise called, Mediterranean cuisine. It is special in the variety of its dishes, which have a regional division (this means that the recipes of different regions of this country are somewhat different, although, of course, there are common features).

Pugacheva: “Galkin left me as soon as they removed the papillomas and removed the 17-meter …”
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How to choose a restaurant with national cuisine? Tale of Italy

The charm of a fairy tale is not born immediately. It is not enough to compose it, it is also necessary to tell it properly. Take the same Kolobok. Children are well aware of what happened to those who thought of themselves as a bakery product. Following the storyline is desirable, but not necessary, if only it would be interesting. luckyraccoon, Let Kolobok meet anyone in the forest, even the Knights of the Round Table riding on brontosaurs. May he save not only himself, but also the princess with golden hair and increased amorousness from the machinations of starving representatives of the middle fauna. Continue reading

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If you ask people from different countries: “What Italian dessert do you know?”, Most of them will probably answer: “Tiramisu!” Thanks to the simplicity of the recipe and the unusual…


Real Italian restaurants
It is perhaps hard to imagine more inexorable food snobs than Italians. Starting from the fact that, in their opinion, there can be only one time for breakfast and lunch,…


How to cook fettuccine with mushrooms and ham - a traditional Italian dish
The variety of pasta gives room for flight of imagination and improvisation to each hostess. From them you can cook a variety of dishes that will appeal to the whole…


Gelato - Italian Ice Cream
He was filmed more than once in cartoons and movies. This dessert is sung in the songs of artists from many countries of the world. And finally, people of the…